March 23, 2021

An Honest Review of the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual

I have owned the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual for over a year now and believe I can give an accurate review of the drone. My family lives in a 30 acre cattle farm and this thermal drone has helped in many ways. Keep reading as I break this thing down and give answers to many of the questions you probably have.

The main reason I bought this drone was to see our cows at night and to find coyotes if they decided to terrorize our herd. You can see cows surprisingly well because of their size but because the thermal camera is such a low resolution, coyotes are harder to see, and smaller animals such as rabbits I still haven’t caught a glimpse of.

I usually fly the drone at 180 feet to avoid any obstacles since I am flying at night and some trees and power lines are around. There is also a GPS setting that I have setup so it’ll follow a pre set path at a pre set altitude for my daily routine checks on the cows.

One night I spotted 5 deer just hanging out next to our fence with infrared on the drone.

Another night, all of our cows which are mostly black, got out of the fence in the middle of the night. This infrared night vision allowed me to find them really quick and get every cow back in. If you have had black cows out at night you can understand how much easier this drone made it. During this time we also had rain and it was pretty windy. Although it’s recommended not to fly in either of those conditions it helped us and what could have been hours turned into 30 minutes of herding cattle with a drone at night.

The attachments that come with the Mavic 2 Enterprise are very useful on the farm. The spot light can light up a massive chunk of ground depending on your altitude. It is also very powerful and bright. When it comes to the speaker, it is very loud. I read reviews about the speaker before buying my drone so I expected it to be loud but once I turned it on it was much louder than I had imagined. You can play songs, pre recorded messages, or even speak directly over the speaker.

I’ve also put a video of me chasing a coyote away in our field. I had the speaker attachment blaring danger zone at max volume.

Chasing a Coyote While Playing Danger Zone Over the Speaker Attachment. This coyote tried to take a newborn in broad daylight.

You can purchase a Mavic 2 Enterprise on Amazon but I would recommend Adorama. I have purchased the Mavic 2 Enterprise and the Fly more kit from them and had no issues. I also purchased 3 extra sets of props because even with general use they will get nicks in them. This drone is quiet but once you see any type of change in the way it flys or if it’s making a noise you didn’t hear before it would be a good idea to just swap out props. $15 is very cheap to save a $2500 drone.

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