May 28, 2021

The Polygon Sidechain Has PolyDoge

There’s a trend in the 2021 Cryptocurrency bull run and it’s MEME coins. Coins such as Dogecoin have taken off and people are making insane 100x – 1000x gains. If you missed Doge, Shiba, Safemoon, or any of the other coins you might just have another opportunity.

PolyDoge released just over a month ago and they are leading the entire chain when it comes to meme coins. Here’s a bit of information (and pics) on why PolyDoge might just be that next rocket.

The Polygon network released it’s Ethereum sidechain earlier this year and it makes crypto transactions cost fractions of a penny. There’s tons of reasons this is huge including developers being able to airdrop thousands of NFT’s at little cost.

Our biggest hiccup at the moment is there’s no easy way to transfer to the Polygon chain but it’s coming, and it’s coming soon. Coinbase and CEX exchanges will start allowing withdrawals and transfers directly to the Polygon chain. Once this happens the flood gates will open and everyone is going to be using the Polygon chain – It’s inevitable. Imagine Binance Chain with Ethereums security and even cheaper fees backed by the Ethereum network. You can already see it happening with the price increase in their Matic/Polygon coins. It went from pennies to over $2 this year and all the way to number 17 when it comes to all of crypto market caps.

This is important for PolyDoge because PolyDoge has become the main meme coin on the Polygon chain. The moment everyone can transfer you can be sure that PolyDoge is going to increase in price drastically. It’s a meme coin, but meme coins are in and the aesthetics of this coin are remarkable.

The PolyDoge devs are working on many creative ways to add utility to the coin and the artists are killing it. This community is amazing so make sure to check it out, it’s worth a look I can promise you that.

Here’s some math, it’s not a guarantee or any kind of financial advice but I think an awesome opinion 😀

Invest $100 into PolyDoge right now at it’s 18 Million Dollar market cap then at the below market caps it’ll be worth:

100 Million market cap = $555.50

1 Billion market cap = $5,500.50

5 Billion market cap = $27,502.50 – Shiba’s market cap

10 Billion market cap = $55,000.50

20 Billion market cap = $550,000.50

40 Billion market cap = $5,500,000.50 – Doge’s market cap

These numbers are insane people. Take a chance because I sure am!

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